What the New Alabama Master Dealer License Will Change

You may not know it yet, but some significant changes are being made to your Alabama motor vehicle dealers license and surety bond requirements. Due to Alabama House Bill 393, effective October 31st of 2020, there will only be a single ‘Master License’. The Alabama Master Regulatory Dealer License will replace the New and Used … Read more

Your Quick Guide to Obtaining a Utah Motor Vehicle Dealer/Special Equipment Dealer Surety Bond

Indoor Car Lot

Are you a motor vehicle dealer/special equipment dealer in the state of Utah? Did you just earn your license and now you need to obtain a surety bond? Fret not, in a few minutes you’ll know everything you need to know about the Utah Motor Vehicle Dealer / Special Equipment Dealer Surety Bond and be … Read more

The Three Things You Must Know about the Utah Motor Vehicle Crusher Bond

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Are you a motor vehicle crusher business operating in Utah trying to find a surety bond, but don’t know where to start? Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the internet to find the most entertaining source of surety bonding information related to your bonding needs. What is the Utah Motor Vehicle Crusher Bond? It is a surety … Read more