Business Services And Janitorial Bonds

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What is a janitorial bond?

Janitorial bonds are a form of business services bonds that protect the customers of a cleaning company if one of the cleaning employees were to steal from the customer. Janitorial bonds are often referred to as “employee dishonesty bonds” but there is an important distinction between the two as employee dishonesty bonds provide a broader range of coverage.

Why do you need a janitorial bond?

Many cleaning companies voluntarily obtain janitorial bonds when performing janitorial services on a customer's premises. The bonds give peace of mind to potential customers, making them an effective marketing tool for the owner of the cleaning business.

When the surety company issues the bond, they provide a guarantee that customers will receive payment for financial losses if one of the cleaning employees steals on the job. If any employee steals from a client, the surety will pay out damages up to the bond amount. The cleaning company is liable for the losses and is legally required to reimburse the surety company for any damages paid under the bond.

How much does a janitorial bond cost?

Janitorial surety bond costs vary based on the amount of coverage purchased and the number of employees working for the janitorial company. Unlike some other surety bonds, janitorial services bonds do not require a credit check––meaning that bad credit will not result in higher bond premiums.

Below are the lowest premiums EZ Surety has issued for janitorial bonds in popular states.

  • EZ Surety has issued janitorial bonds in the State of California for premiums as low as $100.
  • EZ Surety has issued auto dealer bonds in the State of Texas for premiums as low as $100.
  • EZ Surety has issued used car dealer bonds in the State of Florida for premiums as low as $100.

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