Alcohol Bonds

About Alcohol Bonds

Businesses involved in wholesale, retail, importing and manufacturing of alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and hard liquor are subject to significant federal, state and local regulation. Frequently, a surety bond will be a licensing requirement.

Types of Liquor, Wine and Beer Surety Bonds

Federal, state and local governments require surety bonds for a variety of reasons. Alcohol bonds may function to ensure: Alcohol tax and fee payment

Compliance with alcohol production and distribution laws

Depending on your business, you may be required to obtain multiple different bonds. Check with your licensing local authority or contact the friendly EZ Surety Bonds team with any questions!

How to get an Alcohol or Liquor Bond

To get bonded, confirm your required bond type and amount with the relevant licensing authority. Then visit EZ Surety Bonds to purchase your bond instantly online. If you don’t see your bond listed, contact our friendly service team. We can write any bond.

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MississippiBeer and Light Wine Wholesalers Bond

MarylandDirect Wine Shipper Bond

KentuckyDistilled Spirits Wine Malt Beverage Tax $1 to $15,000 Bond

KentuckyDistilled Spirits Wine Malt Beverage Tax $15,000 or Greater Bond

FloridaDistributor Beer Wine and Liquor (KLD) (7 configs) $100000 Bond

FloridaDistributor Beer or Wine (JDBW) (7 Configs) $25000 Bond

WashingtonDomestic Winery Bond

GeorgiaFederal TTB Wine $1 to $50,000 Bond

MissouriIntoxicating Liquor Wine and Beer Tax Surety Bond

MichiganLiquor Beer and Wine Bond

GeorgiaMacon Bibb Retailer's Malt Beverage or Wine Bond

GeorgiaMacon Bibb Wholesale or Retail Liquor Bond

GeorgiaMadison Financial Guarantee Beer Wine Retail Sales $1,000 to $25,000 Bond

GeorgiaMadison Financial Guarantee Beer Wine Retail Sales $100,001 or more Bond

GeorgiaMadison Financial Guarantee Beer Wine Retail Sales $25,001 to $100,000 Bond

FloridaManufacturer Wine (AMW) (7 Configs) Bond

GeorgiaMonroe Wine Bond

GeorgiaOglethorpe Performance and Tax Liability Wine Malt Liquor Bond

MichiganOn Premises Beer Wine and Spirits Special License Bond

GeorgiaPutnam Retail Malt Beverages and or Wine Bond

North CarolinaResident Beer Wine Wholesaler or Importer Bond

GeorgiaRetailers Malt Beverage Bond

GeorgiaRetailers and Consumption on Premises Alcohol Tax Bond

VirginiaWholesale Wine Distributor Corporation Bond

VirginiaWholesale Wine Distributor Individual or Partnership Bond

GeorgiaWholesalers Wine $100,000 or more Bond

GeorgiaWholesalers Wine $1000 to $25,000 Bond

GeorgiaWholesalers Wine $25,001 to $100,000 Bond

MarylandWine & Liquor Bond

MarylandWine Bond

West VirginiaWine Distributor Bond

West VirginiaWine Supplier Bond

IdahoWine Tax Bond

AlabamaWine Wholesaler Alcohol Bond

GeorgiaWine Winery Manufacturer Importer Broker Bond

IllinoisWinery Shipper Bond

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