Transportation and Freight Broker Bonds

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About Transportation Bonds

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as well as some state government agencies require freight forwarders and freight brokers maintain a surety bond as part of their registration. The most common transportation bond is known as BMC-84.

How to get a BMC-84 bond

Prior to purchasing your bond, you should:

  • Obtain a motor carrier number (“MC number”) from the FMCSA
  • Complete the FMCSA application through the Unified Registration System

There are numerous other steps required to get registered, independent of your BMC-84 surety bond. Check with the FMCSA directly to make sure you understand all requirements.

Once you have purchased your BMC-84 surety bond, EZ Surety Bonds will take care of electronically filing the bond on your behalf.

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