State of Georgia Mobile Home Title Bond


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The State of Georgia may require a bond to obtain a title for a mobile home when the applicant is unable to provide a properly assigned Certificate of Title.

How to get a title bond for a mobile home in the State of Georgia:
Step One: Contact the Tax Commissioner’s Office in the county the mobile home is located. Find out if they have any record of a title or titles. If the mobile home has multiple sides, such as a double wide or triple wide, there may be a title for each side.
If you know that there is an active lien on the mobile home, you will need a lien release before moving forward.

Step Two: A T-22B form is required by the state, You will contact a law enforcement officer to complete the T-22B form. The officer will run the VIN to see if it is reported stolen and fill out the T-22B form. If there is more than one side to the mobile home, a T-22B form must be filled out for each side.
If the officer can not find the plates on the mobile home showing the VIN, he will mark the T-22B accordingly. You will need to apply for replacement plates. A T-128 form must be filled out, You will need to purchase a bond before moving forward. If you do not have the VIN number/numbers, we will mark the VIN as TBD until you have replacement plates.

Step Three: Once you have the T-22B, apply for a title bond making sure the VIN numbers match up with the T-22B. If the mobile home has multiple sides and if the Tax Commissioner’s Office stated that there was more than one title, you will need a bond for each side (one for each title applied for).

You will only need to fill out one application and enter all VIN numbers for each side. The VIN number for each side is usually distinguished by A and B, or R and L. If you know that there is only one title, even if there are multiple sides, you will enter only one VIN on the application (usually the distinguishing letters are all in the one VIN if there is one title for multiple sides).

When entering the application, keep in mind that the applicant is the person that owns the mobile home now, the seller will be whoever owned it previously, even if this was a manufacturer. The state will not accept the MV46A (the form that we provide along with the bond) with the applicant’s name and the seller’s name the same.

We will look up the NADA value of the mobile home to verify the value is correct. The state requires the bond amount to be double the value. If there is more than one title and more than one bond, the bond amount is divided between the bonds, so the cost of the bond/bonds will not increase.

If you are applying for replacement plates, you will send the bond, the T-128, and the T-22B by trackable mail (make sure to make copies of anything you send) to the following address:
DOR Southmeadow
Title Department
4125 Welcome All Road
Atlanta, GA 30349

Once you receive the new plates, attach them to the mobile home and call the Marshal’s Office again to do new T-22B forms. Once you have the T-22B forms, contact us to add the VIN numbers to the bond/bonds.

Step Four: Fill out the MV-1, Motor Vehicle Title Application: You can start the application online with the link provided or fill out a paper application.

Step Five: You will take all of the documents along with any proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale or deed to the Tax Commissioner’s Office to apply for the title/titles.

Completed documents required:

  • T-22B form, VIN Inspection

  • Bond/bonds (MV-46 and MV-46A form)

  • MV-1. Title Application

  • Proof of ownership or any documents you have for the mobile home

  • Lien release if needed

You must apply for the title within 6 months of the bonds issue date. Typically, the state likes the T-22B forms to be dated no more than 30 days prior to applying for the title.

Other Resources:
Satisfaction of MV Title Lien or Security Interest Affidavit (Form T-4):


Please Note: We can no longer process walk-in business at our Oakwood office. Please use the online application form below to apply.

State of Georgia Mobile Home Title Bond

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