State of New Mexico Motor Vehicle Defective Title Bond


The State of New Mexico may require a bond to obtain a title for a vehicle when the applicant is unable to provide a properly assigned Certificate of Title. A bond cannot be obtained on a vehicle with a lien unless you have a lien release.

How to obtain a bond for a title in New Mexico:
First you will need to find the value of your vehicle. For bonding purposes, the NADA values below must be used:

  • On used cars and trucks, the NADA Average trade-in value.

  • On used motorcycles the NADA Clean Trade-In/Wholesale value.

  • For classic, collectable, muscle cars, the NADA Average retail value.

  • For Vintage motorcycles, the NADA Good condition value.

  • Mobile home value can be determined by assessed value (from Tax Release)


Next, purchase a bond and gather the documents needed to submit to the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

  • When filling out the application for the bond, use the value that you obtained through NADA. The system will calculate the bond amount to be two times the value per the state regulations.

  • An application for a New Mexico bonded title (MVD-10070) must be submitted along with a few other documents.

  • An Affidavit of VIN Form (MVD-10861) is required. This is a VIN inspection that must be done by a Certified Inspector authorized by the MVD.

  • If you have supporting documentation, such as a bill of sale or an improperly signed title, include this with your package that you submit to the MVD.

  • Proof of New Mexico residency is required.

  • If bond is for a mobile home, a Tax Release is required.


The packet with all the required documents should be mailed to:
Motor Vehicle Division-Dealer Licensing Bureau
Attn: Surety Bonds
505 Marquette NW Suite 1501
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Inquiries can be emailed to
Contact your local DMV for any questions on the process to obtain a bonded title.

Along with your bond, we will provide the MVD-10070 form and the MVD-10861 form.

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State of New Mexico Motor Vehicle Defective Title Bond

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