State of New York Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Bond


The State of New York may require a bond to obtain a title for a vehicle when the applicant is unable to provide a properly assigned Certificate of Title. In the State of New York , a bond should be a last resort for proving ownership of a vehicle.

How to obtain a bonded title in the State of New York
Step 1: Attempt to Contact Previous Owners
Send a certified letter to the last known address of the previous titled owner. If the letter is signed for by the previous owner, you will need to call 518-486-4714 for more instructions. If the letter is returned as undeliverable, do not open it; submit the unopened letter along with your bond and other documents to the DMV.

Step 2: Complete a Title Application Form
Complete the MV-82TON form,

Step 3: Photograph the Vehicles VIN
Provide a photograph of the vehicle’s identification number (VIN).

Step 4: Obtain a Notarized Statement
Write out a statement explaining the circumstances under which you came into possession of the vehicle and are otherwise unable to prove your ownership. A New York Notary should sign this statement.

Step 5: Fill out an Odometer Disclosure Statement
Fill out the purchaser section of an Odometer Disclosure Statement (form MV-103), If your vehicle is newer than a 2007 you can skip this step.

Step 6: Pay all necessary taxes on the vehicle. Unless you are exempt, you will need to pay sales tax on the vehicle through your local motor vehicle office. You will receive two copies of the FS-6T form. You will keep one and submit the other with your documents for the bonded title.

Step 7: Obtain the bond
Fill out the application for the bond. You will need a Kelly Blue Book or NADA value for the vehicle before you fill out the application. You can also get an appraisal from a dealership as well. Once you submit the application, or system will figure the bond amount to be 1.5 times the value of the vehicle.

If you have any questions about the procedures for getting a bonded title, please contact your local DMV.


State of New York Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Bond

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