Idaho Contractor License Bonds

What you need to know about Idaho Contractor License Bonds

Idaho Contractor License Bonds

How much does a contractor bond cost in Idaho?

Certain types of Idaho contractors are required to post a $2,000 surety bond to operate in the state. The surety company issuing the bond determines your premium rate, which is the percentage of the total bond amount you pay as the premium.

During the application process, the surety company evaluates your personal credit, financial statements, industry experience, and licensing history. EZ Surety can issue premiums for Idaho contractor license bonds for as low as $100 for applicants with standard credit. If your credit is below average, we can still offer a competitive rate for your contractors license bond.

Why are contractor bonds important in Idaho?

Contractor license bonds hold licensed contractors accountable for the work they complete. The bonds protect the public (sometimes a city/county) from damages incurred due to the contractor’s violation of licensing laws or unsatisfactory work.

In Idaho, a surety bond is required as part of the licensing process for specific contractor licenses. For instance, HVAC contractors must obtain a surety bond before the Idaho Division of Building Safety will issue an active license. The most common Idaho state contractor licenses that require a surety bond are as follows:

The bonds above all have a required bond amount of $2,000. Keep in mind, the state of Idaho has requirements for Public Works Contractors. In some cases, you may need a bid bond, performance bond, and/or a payment bond for your construction projects. 

Some cities and counties have separate bond requirements from the state. You may be required to obtain a permit bond to work within that specific municipality. Such is the case with the City of Idaho Falls.

Idaho Falls has a Right-of-Way License for contractors performing excavations, concrete/asphalt placement, snow/debris removal, and other similar work. Idaho Falls has both a license application and a permit application.

How do I get my contractors license in Idaho?

Even if you do not require a surety bond, you’ll likely need a license to work as a contractor in the State of Idaho. The Idaho Division of Building Safety has a list of who must be licensed. Below is a brief overview of the steps needed to obtain your contractor license in Idaho:

1. Understand the Requirements

Before applying for the license, learn who needs a contractor’s license and who is exempt. You should also familiarize yourself with the different license classifications to ensure you apply for the right license.

2. Obtain General Liability Insurance

Idaho contractors are required to have general liability insurance, even if you do not have employees. The insurance policy must cover at least $300,000 of construction operations.

3. Meet Worker’s Compensation Requirements

If you have employees, you are also required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If you do not have employees, you must submit an explanation why you don’t need this type of insurance.

4. Fill out the Application

Once you have the necessary insurance, it’s time to gather your business and partner information and complete the Idaho contractor license application

5. Submit Your Application and Fee

After you complete the application you need to print it out and mail the notarized forms to the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses along with a $35 application fee.

If you have further questions regarding the licensing process, you can always visit the Idaho Division of Building Safety FAQs page.